In our mission to provide a unique experience, our ambition is that the food will be a seamless integration in what makes Logger's Lodge unforgettable.


Your private chef serves organic and traditional Swedish Lapland gourmet food directly to your table in the lodge. We also provide a curated selection of beverages and wine.


Timber floating was back in the days a common way of transporting timber. The timber floated on the flowing streams and rivers from the forests inland to sawmills on the coast. The people that worked with this was called Loggers and it was a very hard and often dangerous job. Walking on rolling timber and try to break up log jams could sometimes
end up with drowning.
Strategically placed loggers cabins close to the rivers and streams was built up during the 1940´s. In the 70’s and 80’s this method of transporting timber stopped as trucks and trains took over. Loggers Lodge is a original timber cabin from 1942 with a big central fireplace in the middle of the cabin.
This cabin was the temporary home for up to 16 loggers, sleeping on bunk beds after a hard days work. Everybody had their own cast-iron pan and sat around the fireplace and cooked food. You can still feel the history in the building and in the surroundings that reminds you of historical times.
Today the lodge is carefully renovated to a romantic luxury suite for 2. The exterior timber logs is painted in the Swedish traditional falu red paint and the pine interior walls are burnt to emphasize the beautiful pattern in the wood.
The Bodträskå stream that the timber floated on are just a stone’s throw away from the lodge.