Summer & Autumn Activities

Privately guided, carefully curated. All activities include outdoor lunch and transport.

Northern Lights Safari

The magical visual phenomenon of the Northern Lights is visible from the end of August until early April in Swedish Lapland. We will keep a close eye on the forecasts during your stay to choose the best night.
We have different prime locations to take you to depending on the season.

With 17 km to the closest village and zero light pollution, Loggers Lodge remote location is one of the best places in Lapland to experience the Northern Lights.

Bridge Dining

Unique to Loggers Lodge is our Bridge Dining during the summer and autumn months.

We will prepare a table for you on the bridge over the Bodträskå stream close to the lodge. Here you can admire the fantastic view as well as listening to the relaxing sound of the stream.

A five-course dinner paired with wines is for you to enjoy while you take in the Lapland summer night.


Try the E-fatbike, an electrically powered bike that will take you through the landscape of Swedish Lapland in a sustainable way.

Thanks to this innovative bike, you will enjoy a leisurely ride up the hills! We will ride in a pleasant tempo after forest roads and paths. The route goes beside pristine lakes, in pine forests with stops on scenic spots.
You can choose between an adjustable pedal-assist or power it 100% electrically with an accelerator handle.

Hike in Korgen Nature Reserve

Challenge yourself to a more strenuous hike in an old-growth forest of lichen-filled trees,
hillside cliffs, and small rivulet streams. The ascent is unmarked, and your extra effort will be rewarded with exceptional views into the mile-long depths of untouched nature. Animals such as moose and reindeer can be seen on the way there.

Pine Tree Forest Walk

Enjoy a relaxing walk through a beautiful pine tree forest. We will make our way to a cliff-side vista with magnificent views of the Northern Swedish landscape. Your guide will lead you carefully over soft, lush green earth where you can forage wild berries in the silent wonder of this marvelous place. You will learn about the flora and fauna of the Arctic nature along the way.

Storforsen Nature Reserve

Experience the majestic river landscape of Storforsen Nature Reserve, home to Northern Europe’s most voluminous rapid. The maximum water flow of the year is in June and July when all the melting water comes from the mountain glaciers. That makes the summer a particularly powerful time to visit this grand rapid.

Sami Culture & Arctic Circle Visit

We will visit Lars Eriksson, whose Sami family has lived in remote Flakaberg village for six generations. Lars has devoted his whole life to the reindeer herding and this personal meeting is a very authentic experience. You will have the opportunity to meet Eriksson’s reindeer herd while he regales you with stories of his native lifestyle, providing a unique insight into the Sami culture. This tour will provide lifelong memories.

Horseback Riding

Ride a horse through the Arctic summer landscape together with a professional guide from the
long-established company Udda Äventyr.
You don’t need any previous experience in riding as long as you are ready for an unforgettable adventure on horseback!

Once you arrive at the ranch, you will be introduced to the lovely horses and how to handle them. Your knowledgeable guide will make sure your ride on horseback is both safe and exciting.

Foraging Nature Walk

Meet Eva Gunnare, culture guide and specialist in local wild herbs and berries in Lapland.

Eva has a passionate way of sharing her life through stories, flavors, and songs. During this leisurely walk, you will learn more about the local plants as well as the traditions of usage.
In this tasty tour, she wants to give you an understanding of the beautiful northern everyday life.

Meet a Moose

Meet the tame mooses Zigge, Zebbe, and Zaga at a very close range. You will stand eye to eye with the ”King of the Forest” and get a chance to feed them from your hand.

This is a private tour with the founder of Cape Wild, Thomas Dahlquist. He has many stories to tell about Scandinavias largest animal and the history of the local area. You will also get the chance to taste locally produced delicacies and coffee made the Swedish way.

Fly Fishing

Discover the noble art of fly fishing. We have used the flowing streams in Sweden since the middle of the 1400th century through fly fishing. The gear and the techniques have developed since then, which makes the fly fishing more accessible today.
Our professional fishing guide will take you to a beautiful flowing stream where trout, grayling, perch, and pike thrive, among other species.

Spin fishing on Lule River

The salmon and trout fishing in the Lule river has become well known throughout Sweden.
Historically, salmon fishing in the region has been an essential source of income.

The fishing is made from land or a boat on request. Trout up to 5kg and salmon up to 20 kg are caught on rod every year.

In one of the best fishing rivers in Europe, our
professional fishing guide will show you how to catch the Baltic salmon or trout.