Winter Activities

Privately guided, carefully curated. All activities include outdoor lunch and transport.

Sami Culture & Arctic Circle Visit

We will visit Lars Eriksson, whose Sami family has lived in remote Flakaberg village for six generations. Lars has devoted his whole life to the reindeer herding and this personal meeting is a very authentic experience. You will have the opportunity to meet Eriksson’s reindeer herd while he regales you with stories of his native lifestyle, providing a unique insight into the Sami culture. This tour will provide lifelong memories.

Storforsen Nature Reserve

Experience the majestic river landscape of Storforsen Nature Reserve, home to Northern Europe’s most voluminous rapid, which flows even during extreme cold.
On the forest-access gravel road to Storforsen, keep your eyes open for the many chances to spot reindeer and other wildlife.

Nordic Ski Touring

This tour begins with a snowmobile sleigh ride from the Lodge to Lake Långtjärn. At the lake, we’ll don simple but stable wooden skis and experience Sweden’s traditional means for traveling in the snow. If you’re a beginner, we’ll give you a crash course in basic skills. With a guide, you’ll glide silently through the forest and over frozen lakes, as the Sami people have done for centuries. Fully immersed in the Arctic winter landscape while exercising your whole body in a pristine natural setting.

Snowshoe Walk

This tour begins with a snowmobile sleigh ride from the Lodge to Lake Långtjärn.
With a knowledgeable guide, make your way uphill through untouched snow and learn about the diverse Arctic fauna along the way. At a scenic spot, we will stop to take in the views and also drink some warm lingonberry juice served together with gourmet snacks.
Snowshoeing is a delightful winter activity for all levels, including beginners! It’s fun and can be enjoyed at any pace.

Northern Lights Safari

The magical visual phenomenon of the Northern Lights is visible from the end of August until early April in Swedish Lapland. We will keep a close eye on the forecasts during your stay to choose the best night. We have different prime locations to take you to depend on the season.
The guide will bring camera equipment specifically for shooting the night sky. You can learn how to do night photography and have the chance to get a portrait together with the Aurora in the background.

Dog Sled

Experience the rush of driving a team of Alaskan Huskies on this exciting dog sled tour, led by the expert musher Kim Jonsson. He will coach you in the art of driving a sled team through the wilderness as you glide silently through the untouched powder of this winter landscape. You will share the sled with your partner with the possibility to switch driver half-way.

Meet a Moose

Meet the tame mooses Zigge, Zebbe, and Zaga at a very close range. You will stand eye to eye with the ”King of the Forest” and get a chance to feed them from your hand.
This is a private tour with the founder of Cape Wild, Thomas Dahlquist. He has many stories to tell about Scandinavias largest animal and the history of the local area.
This adventure is best to do on arrival or departure since it’s only 10 minutes from Luleå Airport. The mooses will give you memories for life in this unique experience!

Horseback Riding

Ride a horse through the snow in the Arctic winter landscape together with a professional guide from the long-established company Udda Äventyr. You don’t need any previous experience in riding as long as you are ready for an unforgettable adventure on horseback! Once you arrive at the ranch, you will be introduced to the lovely horses and how to handle them. Your knowledgeable guide will make sure your ride on horseback is both safe and exciting. The tour goes through scenic wilderness forests with a stop for lunch served by an open fire.

Electric Fat Biking

Experience the Electrical Fatbike, an electrically powered winter bike that will let you enjoy the pleasures of winter in a whole new way. These easy-to-ride mountain bikes will take you through new-fallen snow with ease. Wide tires offer an excellent grip and make the biking both safe and fun. The 750 W electrical motor helps you up the hills and on the winding forest trails. On this tour, you will bike after forest roads, snowmobile tracks and get great views of the snowy landscape. Your guide will prepare lunch over an open fire on a scenic spot in the forest.

Snowmobile Safari

Feel the sense of freedom together with your partner while driving a quiet and modern 4-stroke snowmobile! The tour starts from the Lodge, and you will discover the snow-covered forest landscape changing around you as we cruise. We will also ride over pristine frozen lakes and on the majestic Lule River. Driving is easy, all you need is a driving license, and your certified guide will instruct you how it works. With the help of a Snowmobile you can cover vast distances in one day and on this tour we will drive 35km. You can switch driver as you like, and a tasty wilderness lunch is cooked over an open fire.

Sápmi experience with Anna

Meet Anna Kuhmunen, a young Sami woman that together with her husband Erik herds reindeers. Anna is also a fantastic Joijker (singer) and shares her love for the Sami culture and her reindeers with you. Inside the cozy Lavvu (tent), you will listen to Annas stories while the fire sparkles in the middle. She will cook a 3-course lunch based on the most traditional food that the Sami kitchen has to offer. Together with Anna, you will feed the reindeers in the coral and learn more about this sacred animal that has made it possible for Samis to live in these extreme conditions for thousands of years.

Signature Massage Treatments by Anneli Selberg

We are proud to present our cooperation with Anneli Selberg founder of Kroppsbalans Massage Therapy in Luleå. She has been a professional massage therapist for 22 years. 2019 she was voted ”Massage Therapist of the year in Sweden.” A treatment by Anneli is a body and mind experience on another level that will bring you to harmony. You will enjoy the treatments in front of the fireplace in Logger’s Lodge on a comfortable massage bench.

Foraging Nature Walk

Meet Eva Gunnare, culture guide and specialist in local wild herbs and berries in Lapland. Eva has a passionate way of sharing her life through stories, flavors, and songs. During this leisurely walk, you will learn more about the local plants as well as the traditions of usage. Even if the snow lays thick, you will get an understanding of the local nature as you will taste her homemade products brought in her basket. In this tasty tour, she wants to give you an understanding of the beautiful arctic everyday life.